Virtual Card


Purchase a Virtual Card, with a treat for the animal of your choice. This animal would be filmed “reading” your message while eating their treat.

We will then send that video to you via email so you can send to your GIFTEE.

And of course you can post this video to yours (or their) social media sites.  You are free to use it as you choose!  The more shares the better!

Please use the image on the left for guidance related to the following questions.

Elroy the Llama $0.00 Roo the Wallaby $0.00 Bob the Tomato (pig) $0.00 Budda the Cow (miniature zebu) $0.00 Charlie's Angels the Otters $0.00 Slow-Mo the Sloth $0.00 Lucy the Cockatoo $0.00 The Senator the Barn Guard Dog $0.00